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Hey guys.
I'm quite new to Substance Designer. Haven't heard anything about it up until few days back which is kinda weird and sad - because it really is a great help in texturing workflow.
Currently using 3.2 trial version but I should be buying the commercial license in a few days time.

For my learning process I decided to texture one of my personal projects, which is a very complex space ship.

I'd like to put a few things on the wishlist that I really missed in the past week I've been using SD :)

Support for multi material 3D meshes. Spaceship I'm working on has different material for fuselage, cockpit, and four different weapons. When I'm working on one graph the results gets applied on all of the assets. This makes it distracting. So far I've solved this problem by separating the ship in different meshes and working on one at a time, but I would love to be able to tweak all of them "at once" to keep the general style in check

Hue / Saturation blending node There are quite a few blending nodes in SD, but HSL node doesn't have an input mask. I needed to desaturate only certain parts of my texture and I eventually succeeded, but I had to do some serious node magic. If I had the H/S blending node I could've done it in under a minute. Tried it in Photoshop and that's exactly how much time it took. I can send you guys a psd example file and a better explanation of why I wanted this effect to be localized. And sbs file to show how I managed to get it.

Vector text support I think the reason for this is pretty obvious
Actually any text support would be welcome :)

Support for multiple lights in 3D view I like to setup my light system and then work on the textures/materials. So far when I'm painting the underside I need to move the light down to see the effect, then back up to see it from the top side. Workaround for this is increasing the ambient light, but that doesn't give the proper information.

There are a few more, but I don't want lay it all on you at once :)
Also, I am pretty new to this, so if some of these are already implemented and I was just unable to dig them out, please point that out.

As I said this is already an awesome application, and I hope you guys will continue to improve on it, so it can really become the "all in one" solution that's every game artists dream :)

Thanks in advance, and thanks for making this cool application.
I look forward to your reply

All this is on our todo list ;)
You should be able to play with an all new 3D View soon, text support will come later.

the multi material support would be awesome, yes.

i made a node for u, providing a mask input for the hsl changes, get it beneath this post :)

you can vectorize your font in illustrator and import that into sd

Hi Jeremie.
It's good to hear you guys have these things planned.
I look forward to future releases :)

I use Inkscape and Illustrator for vector manipulation. So yeah - that's what I'll probably do until good people from Allegorithmic give us text support :)

I did manage to pull it off myself at the end, but I assume it's not the best solution seeing as how I'm very new to all this. I'll check out your node first thing tomorrow. It's 3:30 am in my neck of the woods and I really need to go to bed.
Thank you for sharing the node, I'm sure I'll be able to learn something from it.

Multiple materials cant come soon enough, main reason i upgraded to 3.x

Multiple materials cant come soon enough, main reason i upgraded to 3.x

Substance Designer 3.5, that we launch on next Wednesday, will bring multi-material support :)
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and don't i know it, can't wait  ;D

The project we were supposed to be working on got delayed so I didn't use SD in a while. Seems it's back on so I got the latest version to refresh my (not-so-great) knowledge.

Upgrades you guys did are great! My life is so much easier now :)