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Here is my entry for XTAON Art Car Contest powered by Substance Painter is really a challenging project have, to complete everything within 3 approach is little bit different, I wanted to try old steam puck rusted look. And need to paint all the patterns, look hand I had to spend quite some time to get the exact look right. Hope everything came up pretty nice, with the time I had. final render Is done using Maya and Redshift. and all the textures were done in Substance Painter. Hope you guys enjoy. all the best guys.. cheers!!!!

#automotive #vfx #gameart #cardesign #MadeWithSubstance#SubstancePainter

here is my final render

iray renders inside Substance

screen grab
width=1920 height=1080][/img]
maya screen grab

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Awesome composition! ;)

thanks guys  8)