Author Topic: [SOLVED] Possible to pause Viewport updates?  (Read 1014 times)

Iís it possible to pause ViewPort updates?
Sometimes I would like to adjust severyl aprameters until I need to see what's happening.
In situations, where any change means a minute waiting time, this can make a crucial difference.
In Nuke for example there is a button, that you first create your node graph and adjust it and it only updates when you want.
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Do you mean for Iray? Because there is an option for this in the 3d view menu Renderer>Pause rendering.

If you work on a very large graph that takes a lot of time to update you can turn off the material for the time being through Materials>Default>Reset.
Then when you do want to see the results right click the background of your graph and select 'View outputs in 3d view'

You can also completely pause everything in the main menu under Tools>Suspend engine.

Hi Eggfruit,
great ! many thanks!!