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Hello, at all I have a really big problem, Iray crashes for the third time after 14 hours of rendering at 1600 samples + or -. I think I could never reach the 2500 samples with my PC:(. The 2500 samples minimum are really mandatory? :'(
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no answer??? 

Try to change the resolution, 3840x2160 recommended is too large and I spent 45min for one image, so I changed for 1920x1080 minimum resolution and it took me 10/15min max!
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I think I'm going to do this unfortunately. Merci ;)


Turn off caustics.

But one must realise, that rendering is always hardware based.

The more cores or the latest GPU etc will assist you in faster rendering.

Maximedotremont - for him/her to render at that speed they must be using more then 40threads to render.

Indeed, you can render in 1080p.

THX SGH & Vincent Gault ;)