Author Topic: How to mirror/reverse a smart material?  (Read 313 times)

How do I reverse or mirror a smart material?  I created a smart material in painter for the left boot and would like to use it for the right boot also.

Are you masking off the boot UV islands? Easiest way is to make sure you boots are on their own UV islands, then create a mask for them, and apply the material.

Actually they are own 2 different files.  So I wanted to save one out as a smart material, which I did and bring it in and apply it to the other, but it has to be reversed/mirrored.

You do not need a separate smart materials for each of the boots, and there is no option in smart materials to mirror them as a whole anyway. Smart materials do not have a 'side' to them that could be mirrored to the other side, they are dependent on generators/ the baked maps.

Post a screenshot of what your boots actually look like please. What do you mean by '2 different files'? One of the boots is in a Painter project file, and the other boot in a separate one? How does that make sense?

You need to control this with your UV layout and/ or masks. Make the UVs of both boots overlap perfectly (mirror the boot with UVs over to the other side in your 3d modeling app), so that when you texture one boot the other one is textured simultaneously as well.

And/ or create ID masks for your boots with matching colors so you can apply one smart material to both boots.
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