Author Topic: X-TAON Model (Wheels-Spokes), iRay and AA  (Read 3069 times)

hello out there,

I was looking for a way to have some AA (Anti-Aliasing) in iRay Renderer - but the only option there is, does not make any difference, even if I set it to maximum Accumulations (128, I think it was)

I noticed strong "jagged edges" along the rims of a car (from the X-TAON Contest, to be specific), when rendering @4k res with the "3Quarter" cameras. I tried serveral way to solve this, like going for 4k texture res for the wheels, using filters like sharpen, blur and so on. In Painter viewport, the jaggies are not visible, it´s only in iRay!

Only thing that helped with that, was to use a dark, rough material for the spokes - but thats not, what I wanted to, because I´d like them to be some kind of polished aluminium...

anybody else got this problem?

Hey, are you sure it's not in the viewport only?

It´s in iRay Viewport, so to say... in SP vieport, it´s ok.
Unfortunatly on the rendered image, the jagged-edges are visible.

And the "temporal AA setting" in iRay viewport has no effect on this, whatsoever

could you share the render settings please?

here are my iRay setting - hope, it helps

Try to decrease to 1080p (1920*1080)  (it should be way faster)
in your settings, make the su GPU is activated for Iray as well

I decreased to 2K, but still got this issue.
I made sure, that GPU is activated for iRay

(see front-wheel)

This is weird...
could you share the log file pls?

wait: the max time is set to 900 seconds only

I set max time to 3hrs and iRay reached 2500 Samples (which is plenty, I´d say) after 20min+

but edges are not improving :(

I also checked the log, but it was basically empty

anyway, I uploaded my entry and made a note about this issue... not, that I think, I have a chance to be top 3, but at least I wanted to point out, that I tried to solve this problem

thanks for your help, but it seems like iRay won´t produce an AA image for me, this time
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Please send a bug report anyhow,so we could have a look ;)