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Interesting entries so far.

This is my entry. I am posting some renders and some hyped ones too. I will post the required views later.

Problems that I had is not realising that from SP IRAY it saves as 32bit for Tiff format and to then covert to save for web which is a lower depth is causing me to lose colors.



Must be a solution to keep the same color range going from 32bit to 16bit.
Anyways I did some more testing with iray and here are few new renders. I better stop.
I down scaled them for faster loading.

Good luck all. 8)
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More renders.
Was fun and I learned a lot.
I am adding some edited images and some non. all down scaled for web viewing.


hi, so I was looking over my renders and I was wondering why my textures looked jagged or and blurred . I assumed I just had to pick texture set and set it to 4k and then render with iray. Apparently this is not the case. Each texture set list has to be highlight  or clicked then manually set each list to 4k. I only did this for one part and had missed out on all the rest.

You will also notice, for those planning to do this in the future, ram usage will dramatically increase. So be careful before risking everything to 4k. This also depends on how many texture lists you have and render times will also double. if 1920x1080 took me 20min now it takes 40min. Using 40threads 2.5ghz Xeons.

I have added two more renders done at 4k, and the difference in detail and reflections is extensive.

If they add some options like below in the render section it would help immensly.