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Hi Fellas,
it seems iam running in a lot of problems since the latest builts.

this time - one loaded high mesh to bake on LowPoly.
All bakes work perfect.The curvature bake wont update.Its always the same.
tried to delete the *.assbin file.No success.

sometimes i then bake a normal map in another resolution.Then after that iam able to bake the curvature correctly.
It must be a cache problem.
Any suggestions?

oh man i just cant get it fixed!
It even bakes the same Curvature when you DONT have a mesh in the "high-mesh bake" list.
but,seems like if you activate all maps to bake,it will be rewritten.
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The curvature baker doesn't use the high-poly mesh in Substance Painter, instead it will use the world space normal to detect the details.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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wow, ok thats news to me.Would be great if there would be a textfeld that states that info on the curvature bake dialouge.
thanks for the info.

This means that the WorldSpaceNormal should be baked in higher Res to get a good curvature result.

thanks for the answer Froyok!
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