Author Topic: X-TAON BW Flame  (Read 306 times)

what's up everyone?  I wasn't going to enter into the contest because I didn't feel the work was any good.  But in just last couple days, I received some good feedback from bunch of great people I'm taking a class with.  Sometimes, you need fresh eyes don't you know?  With their encouragement, I will attempt to finish the project.  Here are some wip to show where I'm at.

I want to give a shoutout to Michelle Fifis and her weekly art critique class over at the Textile Design Lab.  Thanks.

Presenting >>> Kardashian, named after the first feedback that a friend literally blurted out:"OMG, this is something the Kardashian would drive."  It's been fun.  Peace y'all.

I forgot to say soul-crushing feedback.