Author Topic: Node for switching between multiple inputs?  (Read 821 times)

Is there a node that lets me put multiple inputs into it, and it outputs one of them based on an integer? This isn't something that's terribly difficult to create with a series of blend nodes, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn't already a node for this.

EDIT: To add a little more clarification, I'm working on a painted wood material, and I want to have modes for overlapping boards (like house siding), flush planks, or just plain painted wood. My plant currently is to use Blend Modes set to Switch or Switch Grayscale nodes to enable and disable parts of the graph as needed for this. I'm asking if there's a Switch Grayscale node that can take three or four inputs instead of just two, for example.
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Yes, The 'multi switch' node does exactly this.