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I haven't used Substance Painter before, although I did play with Allegorithmic MapZone once upon a time. I'm a Blender hobbyist and an amateur graphic designer, in that I volunteer for a couple nonprofits, specifically a public library and a mental health and substance abuse treatment program. I'm certainly not a pro, but my student days are behind me, so I'll be entering the Pro contest just for fun, with zero expectations, of course.

After I saw some of the amazing vector illustration cars that were already designed, I decided to abandon trying to compete, and I decided to just design a car I would actually like. I wanted a pop punk feel to it, and four specific things influenced the result: 1) the cover of the "Reboot" EP by the band Go Betty Go (the lead singer is a professional graphic designer), 2) the title of Sugarcult's album "Palm Trees and Power Lines," 3) Sugarcult's great song "Los Angeles," and 4) the title of MxPx's song "Bass So Low." The last is, of course, a general concept.

I foolishly didn't convert the crow to vector earlier, in order to create a 2K version of it, so these renders have fuzzy and/or stretched pixels there. I've since corrected that, and I'll render again tomorrow. The only real issue I've discovered that I can't solve is that I have color in the wheel wells, rather than black, and I don't know why. Body C is black, except for the chrome parts.

For the optional renders, I took a panorama of the truck yard at work today, and I placed my car within it. It's technically IBL rather than HDRI, but it's just for fun.

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I should probably increase the scale of the car in the optional render, and it would also be a good idea to get the real camera 3 feet off the ground, rather than at 5-1/2 feet. Oops.

Much better. The car originally imported into Blender as 4 feet tall, after I scaled it by .01. For this render, I made the car 9 inches taller. Rendered in Cycles in Blender 2.79 with 500 samples and denoising. I blurred the backplate with GIMP, using quick mask and Gaussian blur.

Solved my black wheel wells problem today.

Found a more suitable render environment than my workplace. HDR, rather than yesterday's LDR.