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Hi all!
Since I am a 3D enthusiast and an `advanced beginner in Blender and SP, this is a steep learning curve for me. But - as some say - `no pain, no gain`! I`ve learned a lot so far, more things to sort out. The idea came in my mind right at the beginning, but due to a lack of knowledge, I had to google it/figure out how to achieve what I want. And that path was (still is) rough with long nights, short sleeping hours. I am tired, exhausted but I am nearly there.
I already won! I know a lot more about Substance Painter then I knew two weeks ago. 3D is one of my hobbies and this great contest is an opportunity for me to create something nice, to prove to myself - I can do it! Even if I have to compete with professionals :)

So, here is my `story`:
The idea: Traditional Hungarian motives/patterns
The tasks:
1. Gather inspiration images

2. Draw, `vectorise`, colour and combine

3. Wrap the car :)

Still WIP :)