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Starting my thread for sharing progress. I am excited to try new software and new workflows -- I am a Blender user. I know I have to create some substances first to achieve what I need so I am struggling with Substance Designer first. I hope I can share progress soon.

I need to create an iridescent substance and I can't figure out how to access the sampled data. In other words, where can I get the normal or fresnel data so that I can use it on the base color for example. Hope some of you more experienced users can give me some pointers. Thanx

You can find the baked maps under Project folder in substance painter, you can't get a fresnel map, however you can provide an iOR value and write a custom shader if you are familiar with GLSL (not sure if it is supported by Iray).
Optionally, you can just fake it with a PBR alpha blending or lens studio material for "soap bubble effect". Or if coated, play around with spec/gloss or non PBR material with relevant channel maps.
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