Author Topic: How can I make this complex pattern in Substance Designer?  (Read 1648 times)

I tried a lot of way to make like this pattern but I can't complete. How can I create?

I guess an image showing what you want to do would help.
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I find to some ways to create distoted shapes but I don't get the result I want.
And I dont have a idea for how to create vein shape.(Layer3)

I still don't see the image, I think you should host the picture on a different service, or attach the image directly to the your message.
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If I follow the image link directly, I get a ‘403 forbidden’ error.

Likely, you need to be logged in to the site to see the images, so it won’t show up here.

Use a common host, like imgur, photobucket, google photos, or something similar.

I used a site where membership is not required. I didn't understand why there was a problem. But, okay I try diffrent website.

You've got a decent start there. I'd maybe use a cell generator and warp it with a Gaussian noise and adjust as desired. You're on the way though.