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I have problem with color picker. How I should convert color from photoshop to Painter?

Simple conversion as r/255, g/255, b/255 isn't working.

My example: I have grayscale in photoshop as: 110,110,110.
When I color pick this color i get 0.43. But when I save this file as targa I get 132,132,132 in photoshop.

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Maybe this isn't a good place for this kind of question. But maybe someone show me a place where I should look for information about this? This is very important in our workflow.


The Allegorithmic color picker is in linear space.  Your color divided by 256 = Color value between 0 and 1.
For example : 127 (gray) = 127 / 256 = 0.496.

Hope this is what you  needed - post back if not.