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Dear Allegorithmic Team,

Im looking for a very long time a at the uservote system, specifically at this feature request:
It has been started a year ago, 2. November 2017.

Is it possible to share some information regarding that feature? Does it come with a merge textureset exporter as well?  Substance designer is not an option here, we don't want to have multiply programms simultaneously open, especially while itterating.
You guys did a phenomenal job inventing a good PBR texturing workflow with your suit. Im very thanksfull!
We hope to hear back from you.

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It is in the works.

Hello Jeremie,

many thanks for the reply. Looking forward to get my hands on this one ;)

Merry Christmas!

It is in the works.

Hello Jeremie,

i was looking forward to the GDC 19 update but couldn't find anything on painting across textureset. Did i missed something here:
My current projects is really demanding on  that feature.
We need that stroke projection between the sets :(

Many thanks for continue pushing the texturing workflows in 2019.

It has ( with a huge gap) the highest Uservots

I dont see the real impact of the voting system. The announced  features are great additions , without asking, but i couldnt found that much "votes" on these new features?

We understand that this feature is big and complex and could not be compared to radial Symmetrie.
Your customers would love to hear back from you.
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The voting on uservoice is only one of the factors for the priority of features, we have also plenty of private feedback from game studios, but also from other industries such as clothing design, car manufacturers, etc.

We are still hard at work on UV tiles, it's not ready yet for this upcoming release.

Im guessing this essential feature is incredibly difficult to implement and as its such an obvious need regardless of user request so must have been on the cards even before users started asking for it, so appreciate this must have many knock-on problems getting this in there.

It would be nice to hear a ETA so as to know you are even close?

Thanks, Dan

No ETA to share yet, but you can expect more news this summer.

This has been requested for years. Give us a serious ETA.

This is the kind of thing that would build some good will with your pro users after the horrible decision to join adobe.

I swear an allegorithmic rep said "summer" LAST year. Get it done.

Any updates on this? Summer is about over.

Is there a video available showing the cross texture painting in action?  I know it was shown at Siggraph, but there don't seem to be any videos available.  Makes me think this long awaited feature is still quite a ways off into the future.

This is not a criticism, as I know this feature can not be easy to implement while maintaining the realtime interaction.

It's just my most needed feature that is missing and I'm really eager to see how it's working with manual painting across textures.

Hi Gary,

Siggraph having just been last month I would imagine it will still be awhile before we see the new features. Probably a pretty nice update package on the way in the next few months.



I understand that, thanks.  The announcement said they showed this feature at Siggraph.  I'm just hoping to see a video of it in action.  Most software companies that show things at Siggraph release videos of what they showed shortly thereafter.  That is what I'm looking for.  I know it may still be a while for the features to be released. 

Does anyone know if this feature is out yet? If not, I'm hoping this feature will come out before the 26th as I need to upgrade to perpetual at that time...


At this rate, I wouldn't hold your breath.  It is frustrating - for sure.  It is my #1 requested feature.

I'm sure it has not been easy to get working properly and account for all the different hardware it needs to run on.

As for getting that perpetual - I understand.  It doesn't matter in the long run though, because at some point, to be compatible with ever-changing system software and drivers and all that you will have to upgrade and that will mean you will need to pay the subscription. 

I'm in a similar boat, and have held on to the monthly payment in hopes the cross texture painting would arrive and I could cash out to a perpetual.   I'm realizing now, just like every other software company that Adobe touches, subs are the way things are going to be.  I don't like it, but it is what it is.  This year is the first time since C4D version 7  that I did not renew my Maxon C4D because of their pressure to switch to subscription.  Their new president is from Adobe.

We just have to wait and see, and hope for the best.