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Testing the materials and check out the car.
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Okay, I need a Race Car Paint. What is a cool design for a car? I think, I want to make a tribute design.

Next step - choose the Inspiration. the ford GT 40 Race Car. I love the colors!

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The rain texture looks damn good.

thank you very much @agentwd40 :)

Next Step - Combinate the car with shapes, colors and materials. I think, Im on the right way.

I have an update to check it out.

I like what you're doing - water effect does look cool, tempted to add that myself!

Thanks @Mattommic
I used the substance source material Car Paint Matt Rough Wet and made some tweaks :)

Next step - decals and painting

Good progress. It's shaping up nicely  :)
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thanks very much @jantru :)

Next step - check up the rear part

good progress

I really like it, I'd like to see it in my garage. The water effect is just great and the rear view is really cool

Thanks a lot. :)

My favourite environment lighting is studio 5. And I love to play with camera and dof.

And a dry, polished version of the car:

My last post. Its a pleasure to be part of this contest. I wish good luck everybody :)