Author Topic: Painting on mask is affecting height  (Read 781 times)

Not sure what's causing this. I added a mask to a material layer, but for whatever reason when I paint on the mask, it adds unwanted height information.

How do I prevent this? The height position and range is set to 0.5 on all materials.
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There is normal information in the material layer you have assigned the mask to. Set it to 0 in the layer properties. Where that property is depends on the material you have selected.

Or select the layer, select 'Normal' in the drop-down menu (upper left corner of the layer stack), and set the blending mode of the corresponding layer to 0.

Thanks for the information but I don't want to remove all the bump mapping. I'm trying to remove some of the material by using the mask, and I need the height info to blend in with the other materials.

This is what the normal looks like with the masked material set at a height position of 0.5, its default.

Here's it adjusted to 0.37

While it's an improvement, it's not exactly perfect. The material I'm using is Concrete Rough Cracked.
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Is this a fault with the material being used?

I'm not sure what you want to do exactly. You can either create a new group with masking and a new material in it and replace the height info from layers below it completely, or blend the height information using different blending modes.

There is not enough info in your posting about what you want to do exactly (which materials you want to mix and how) to tell you more.