Author Topic: Artifacting in maps  (Read 642 times)

Is this kind of artifacting standard in SP? I get this on every map when I use a high poly mesh (curvature map in screenshot)- if I use the corresponding low res mesh it's there too, just not as pronounced. It's on every surface. I have UV unwrapped before import.


Probably stretching due to a bad/ distorted UV layout. Whats that on the right side of the screenshot, curvature map assigned to the highres mesh? Or is that the mesh you are texturing? Why does it have this high resolution?

Whats that on the right side of the screenshot? Any reason it is subdivided linearly?

This is the 3D/2D layout in SP, showing the freshly-baked Curvature map. What you see on the right hand side is the flat UV layout, which I dont believe has enough distortion to account for these artifacts.

There are no textures applied. It has a high polygon density because it is the high res mesh of the object, created from the low res mesh by making the subdivision object editable. The same problems occur if I use the low res version of this object, only less pronounced.