Author Topic: X-TAON: Around the World  (Read 2535 times)

I love Substance Painter and I love cars so I couldn't pass this up. Here is the start of my car. Didnt find out till late, so I am rushing to try and catch up. Just messing with colors and placement right now mostly.

Didnt like the way the car was heading. Went in a different direction. More my style.

More details on the car. Started messing with some final render settings.

New update. Got the normal map from the bolts mapped correctly with the paint material. Got a triple blend decay on the paint layers for a layering paint fade effect. Added a drop light to the bottom (might tone that down a little). Changed the red to silver/metal colored to go with the flow better.

I still need to work on the steel frame some more to make it blend in better and still trying to figure what I am going to do with those lights. Lights always seem to be the hardest thing to do on a car.

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Added more wear and tear. Some tailpipes and tweaked the headlights some more.

New quick render. Messed with the render settings a little more. Went back to the cool color setting. Warm just wasnt feeling it. Added some texture to the side with some red stripes. Wore out the rim a little even though you cant really see it. Changed the color to the side plate to match the front. Increased the color of the windshield to allow more reflections and make it look more like it is outside soaring through the skies.

Probably going to touch up the license plate next amongst anything else I might see. Almost done though.

Ooooh I like it a lot. A nice american WW2 plane themed car to go against my BF109 themed one.

Getting near the end. After a while of looking at the color I decided to nix the yellow on the front. Made some renders with Marmoset Toolbag.