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hi there,

Today we are running a texturing competition for our Games Art students using Substance Painter.

The kind people at Allegorithmic have given us a model to texture, and it is being judged by the awesome artists from Simbin Studios in Manchester.

This thread is for students to post their entries before the deadline of 16:00! All images are produced in Marmoset Toolbag 3.0 and should all look awesome, students are allowed to post 2 images each.

Prizes – 1st and runner up


Niall Thornton.

- Clayton Callis

Inspired by KOTOR.
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Joe Dines.

Luke Salgado's ship. ;D

The Benatar Impreza, textured by Arlen Barrett

Zachary Chadwick

Pod Name: The I.Y.F ( The In Your Face)
Luke Henry

Jager by Francesca Rice

Mark Murphy - The Leviathan
Inspired by the Destiny 2 Raid of the same name.


Mâché - Tom Broughton



My apologies for taking so long to announce these

Winners chosen by the art team at SimBin Studios

1st prize to Tom Broughton for very creative interpretation of the brief.
Prize: A classy gigantic trophy and an amazing Amiibo

Runner up: Zachary Chadwick.  Nice Steampunk aesthetic and best use of PBR.
Prize: An amazing Amiibo

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