Author Topic: X-TAON: Jan Ruf - Muscle Car  (Read 2215 times)

So, for some reason I thought it would be an awesome idea to turn the car into a literal muscle car :D
Trying to combine some organic shapes with technial hard surface. I definitly like how this is turning out. And Ive got sooo many ideas for cool stuff I want to add.

Right now Im mostly just handpainting all the muscles directly in the 3d viewport. Im achieving a pretty typical airbrush style this way. I want to add some cool technical details with height effects as well later.

Here's a first WIP image:

Damn I was like "Oh, a muscle car, interesting". Once I saw the image I was like "wtf". Very nice idea. Can't wait to see the finished product!

A cool idea and hand painting skills!  ;D

Thank you guys! :D
Unfortunately I find less time to work on this than I should. Hope I can finish it anyways. Here's a little update. Added some more painted stuff and trying to combine some moar materials. Some parts are still suuuper rough, definitly need to polish everything. My PC is probably going to explode if I continue adding tons of new layers and materials.

That's gross.

And quite cool, looking forward to see more