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 :o Woke up this morning and really did not like the racing car decals.

Simply Beautiful! :)
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So... I'm having an issue with the final rendering. I can only output at 2k. If i push it to 4k, IRAY will grey out all the textures.  It will render the shadows/highlights and height channels, but no color. Also, it takes 4 hrs (@2k) to render out to the 2500 iterations (3840 x 2160). Do I have an issue in the rendering settings, or hardware limitation?

i5  3.20 GHz
8 GB ram
Nvida 970 GTX
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Yeah rendering in 4K takes a pretty heavy toll on your computer, I had to do my renders at work, my personnal computer ain't up to the task (even tho I have a slightly better one than yours, spec wise)

Thanks for the info.  I'll just have to go with 2k.  16 hours of rendering so far...  :o

Thank you again Allegorithmic for putting this art challenge together, and I would like to wish good luck to all who are competing! 
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This just looks amazing man! Love it!!
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Thank you very much!

Just amazing! Really nice presentation! ;)

Thanks!   ;D

Yeah I am really digging this. Love the contrasty graphic style, simple use of colors and shapes. Good job!


It was difficult for me to keep with this simplistic style, when I see all of the very ornamental designs. Its difficult to know exactly what the judges will be looking for.  I had intended to post a description of the design concept here last night, but after the 36 hours of rendering and post-production stuff  I needed a break.

I decided to approach this design as if Allegorithmic had hired me to create a livery for uses in the real-world of motorsports.  It needed to be a work of art (Art Car), but easily recognizable as an Algorithmic sponsored/managed racing program. So, I decided to use a limited color-palette, only using the Algorithmic corporate logos to build the design. 

At the same time, I did not want to diminish the beautiful lines of the X-TAON concept car. I purposefully positioned my design elements to take advantage of the natural aesthetics of the vehicle. I wanted to create a sense of movement even when the car is sitting still. All the design elements appear to be interacting with each other with a general movement towards the rear of the car.  This creates the feeling that the car is moving forward.

Lastly, I wanted to create a yin and yang feel to the design, playing with the idea of a light and dark sides to the livery. This idea came from observation of the Algorithmic logo. It reminded me of a digital origami bird. So, I wanted to create a design that accentuated these two concepts.

This was a fun art challenge, and even through I am a first time user of this products I was very impressed with the user interface and stability of the Substance program (even with my outdated computer/and GPU). Very intuitive.  I've only scratched the surface, but this is a great program!

I am currently active duty military in the United States Coast Guard, but was a professional illustrator for the Marine Corps before that. As a hobby, I paint liveries for the computer simulation racing game called iRacing. Most of the liveries I have created would be categorized as "Art Cars".  So, I felt that my experience was a good fit for this art challenge. I hope that I did Allgorithmic, the judges, and the X-TAON concept creative team justice.

I would like to wish good luck to all who are competing, and feedback is most welcome! 

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I don't really know why, but she's really cool. Nice work. Nice work.