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Thank you Allegorithmic for putting this contest together!

First day with this program and for what we have been asked to do, I find it very intuitive.  Spent many years doing liveries for the computer simulation game iRacing in Photoshop. Its a nice change of pace to work with the model in real-time.  To paint the cars in iRacing you to having to: best guess in PS, upload, launch game, find errors, and repeat. This has been great.  I do miss PS for fine details. I may have to create some custom alphas before the end.

I've only scratched the surface, but this looks to be a great program. 

Good luck to all who are competing! 

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Another layer of detail done.  This time with the allegorithmic logo. I think its probably clear by now, I wanted to create the design using the companies logos.  So, far it coming out how I intended.

On to step three!

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Coooool! I love this :)

Coooool! I love this :)

Thanks! Its has been fun developing this livery.     

Next round of details.

Nearly done. Not even close to being done. :P A few touch ups, then its time to add the contest sponsors. 

I've been trying to get the post effect for light bloom to work. I'm trying to get the taillights to glow, but it keep put a glare on the entire image. I've watch the tutorial video, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey looking good!   Re the lights, there are a few steps to try > Add an emissive output in your texture settings:

Then to increase the intensity you can do that in the shader settings for the light material:

Then you'll be able to use the post effects to add bloom on just the lights and it won't pick up everything else.

Hey looking good!   

Thanks! I'll give the lights another go tomorrow.

Getting closer to the end! 

Just small updates today.

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Love the graphic style, some really nice shapes going on there Phillip

That's actually a pretty great idea to use sponsors logos, congrats.

Thank you.

The goal is to use the logos in such away that they no longer appear as individual logos but a piece of abstract art.  I'm also trying to create a sense of motion with the design. My source of inspiration was the movie Kubo and the Two Strings by LAIKA Animation, particular the origami birds scene. All of which, I feel, follows the theme of this competition:The Art Of Noise.

So, thank you again. 

Love the evolution of your ideas! great!

It has taken longer than expected, but here is the final update. Still need to do the full res images, and add watermarks. It has certainly been a learning experience, but fun. Thank you again to Allegorithmic, and all the sponsors. Good luck to all the contestants!