Author Topic: Enable proportional sliders (Maintain ratio) for width and height  (Read 1259 times)

I had a short look at the new Substance Designer, and I can say you did good improvements for usability,
but you forgot the most easy to solve and most important feature, that even Photohsop has since the very first day:
While I am playing with settings of output sizes of different nodes, I find my self all the time adjusting slider for Width, then adjusting to the same value on Height which also unneccessarily takes some time and concentration.
And what's the second bad thing about it, therefore I can't get an quick comparison "before-after", because while I try to bring Height at the same position as Width, the Viewer has already updated!!!
How is it possible, to work over years with a team of skilled scientists on getting the most out of performance, but not to have that basic option?
And in 99,9% of tasks we want squared textures! I really don't get it...