Author Topic: 2D view grey in 2018.2.3 when zoomed out?  (Read 2878 times)

Hi! I've been working on a project for days with no issues, when all of a sudden I glance over and notice the 2D window has gone grey, for every texture set and layer and everything. The 3D view shows properly, but not 2D.

Then while writing this post, I discovered that it shows up correctly if I zoom in real close. Pretty new to SP so I don't have a clue how to try and fix it, and this project is far too big to start fresh in another file.

I haven't updated to 2018.3 due to it crashing pretty badly and 3D view issues I had right off the bat.

Could you attach some screenshots of the issue?

Good idea, sorry about that.

Every texture set looks like this:

But if I zoom in a few notches, it appears:

I didn't noticeably fat-finger any keys, nor did anything out of the ordinary before noticing the preview had vanished.

Does the 2D view come back if you press F while it's in focus?

Wellp, that does fix it, thank you! Do you know what causes it, perchance?

This was a bug introduced in a previous version that happened only when opening older projects, hitting F once should fix it for good.