Author Topic: substance designer loading highres multiple times?  (Read 384 times)


I am baking with Substance Designer 2018.2 and for each bake it seems to load the highpoly - I am wondering, why it isn't loading the highpoly just one time for all bakes (normal from mesh, ao from mesh, curvature from mesh, height from mesh)

this takes ages, and when I am baking the same mesh maps (except height and curvature from mesh), Painter seems to just load the highpoly one time and then bake all mesh maps from it - which make the bake in Painter 10x faster

the inconsistency between Painter's and Designer's bakers is annoying, and please don't tell me, that they are the same.

(PS: sorry for the rant)
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Not sure, what is going on with the Designer baker and how it loads the highpoly

I created a new substance file and now for 3 different "from mesh" bakes, it only loads the highpoly 1 time.

But then, why does it have to load the highpoly upon "linking" it.

IMO Designer should load the highpoly just once, and not 2 or three or a zillion times.

and is there a way to deactivate the automatic import, when I change the highpoly outside of Designer? And you have guessed it again: If I change the highpoly outside of Designer, it imports it not only once, but twice again: one time, after I exported the highpoly from zbrush, and then another time, when I rebake the maps.

Seriously, I have no idea how such a deterioration could make it into an "upgrade".

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just started a new designer project, linking low and highres... designer is loading both (even if I just linked them)

now started to bake. guess what. designer is loading the highres again

this sucks