Author Topic: [SOLVED] axf_importer.dll error message when launching the application  (Read 18100 times)

has that message (shown directly after installing) any meaning? Never saw that message before...

Rough translation:
Procedur entry point not found
"?axfDisableLogging@v1_5@decoding@axf@@YAXXZ" wasn't found in DLL "C....importer.dll"

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It looks like there is a dll leftover from a previous version. This file is normally removed if you check the option to unsinstall the previous version when installing the new one, but if you don't, this file remains and causes an error message.

To fix the problem, go to C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer (or the folder where Substance Designer is installed) and delete the file "AxFDecoding.dll".
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Great, deleting that file fixed it.

Fixed in my Designer too, thanks Nicolas!