Author Topic: Artifacting in base color map  (Read 321 times)

Hi all,

I have been running into a couple issues whenever I export my textures, and it appears to only affect my base color maps.

I have exported a few different versions and all of them will export some maps that:

1: show a dark box in the top right corner.
2. darken all the colors.

I have tried exporting only the base colors maps with different padding settings and as different filetypes (exr, tif, targa) and all have similar results.

It seems to be inconsistent as sometimes it will create these issues to some of the UDIMs and not others, but there are a few of them that will always export  this way.

I have uploaded some screenshots showing what is happening.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Could you please attach a log file?

Here is a log as well as a dxdiag.

Could you try updating your driver version to the latest Nvidia driver?
The version you currently have is known to cause issues with Painter.

I updated to the latest driver and exported textures again. Same issue persists.

Per another suggestion I changed all my texture sets to be 4k in the view port (instead of 2K as before) and exported my maps at 4k (like I have been doing).
This fixed the random color shift that happens in the view port after exporting textures, but that discoloration in the corner still shows up in my exported base color maps.



Is this only happening with this project, no others? Are you able to load the painter file on another machine to see if the same problem happens? That would at least eliminate the possibility the project file is just corrupted some how...