Author Topic: [SOLVED] Can't drag (custom) HDRI environment into 3D view  (Read 207 times)

I added new HDRIs with into the Library, but when I try to drag them into 3D view it doesn't work. It shows instead of the arrow icon (link icon) a red cross. I can only drag them into the node graph. Unfortunately, I can not make a screenshot because it does'nt capture the cursor, so I hope that you can understand what I want to show.
What is wrong configured?  :-\

Thanks in advance,
Simon Otterbeck
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Can you tell me which version of Designer you are using ?
Can you also send me one of your custom HDRI ?
I would like to check if the problem comes from the file because I have several custom HDRIs in my library and I have no problem to use them.

Thanks ! 
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I use Substance Designer 2018.3.0 and HDRIs from hdri-haven. Here is one of them: I have sort them in categorys in the library: Is this the problem?


I found what's wrong !
 this is only due to the name of the file "machine_shop_01_4k_#IND.hdr" the "#" is not supported that's why you can't use it in the 3D view.

Rename the files and it should work ;)
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