Author Topic: Why doesn't my Image filtering control show up in the .SBAR  (Read 460 times)

I created a 9-Slice node that allows you to input 9 images (corners, top, bottom, sides and center) and freely adjust the width, height and size of the corners to preserve the shape.

I make heavy use of FX maps, and I created a variable that lets you pick between the different filtering options for FX-Maps, :

Bilinear + Mipmaps

I have an Integer 1 variable and a pull down with the 3 options.

If I drag my Node into a new Substance Designer package, I get all the controls I expect.  If I add the .SBAR file to my Substance Designer Library the Image Filter variables I exposed don't show up.

Is there some additional trick to making this option visible when exporting as a .SBAR? 

These settings can't be dynamic once the substance is published to sbsar, it's an engine limitation.
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Does it just make the most sense to set the FX maps to "Nearest" as there's a lot of edges showing up with probably sub pixels (especially noticeable at 512x512 and lower sizes).

Or should I use like a switch and duplicate all my nodes and have the drawing go down path 1 or path 2 depending on the switch?

The sampling mode really depends on the cases, most of the time "bilinear" is the one giving the most "desirable" result.
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Normally I'd agree, but I'm doing a bunch of scaling and position work within FX maps and blending the results, but they are to align next to each other (it's this node here: ).  So if you happen to hit a size or positing that would make some sub pixels, you can see the seams. 

Here's Bilinear:

And Nearest Neighbor:

Right now I added a switch right before the blends and duplicated all my FX nodes, I set the top one to Bilinear, and the Bottom to Nearest Neighbor and just exposed the switch.  This seems to work.