Author Topic: weird bug and resolution in player and painter  (Read 696 times)

Hey all, love the products, they really give new meaning to the term 'programmer art' (thank you).  I ran across a really strange issue on one of our artist machines and it drove me nuts for like a week and I found the cause so I wanted to share it.  If you have a virtualization product (Fusion) running on MacOS (Mojave) and you have 3D acceleration enabled for a guest, it will cause some pretty spectacular failures in the OpenGL rendering in Player and Painter (running on the host, not within the vm)  that look like driver corruption/GPU/hardware failures. 

I don't really consider this a bug, as I would expect random things like that to happen when sharing GPU resources in this way, but I did want to mention it in case anyone else experiences twilight zone behavior (normal map rendering was producing some exceptionally odd and unreproducible behavior that was driving me nuts for quite a while).  Easy fix, don't enable 3D acceleration for guests in fusion on a machine you want to run Player and Painter on.