Author Topic: X-TAON: NiukNiuk's Art car  (Read 3250 times)

Amazing images !! What render did you use for the latest images?

Thank you!
It's rendered in Iray directly in Substance Painter, using some post processing filters and panorama (I think) environment.
Edit: Oh and I forgot: the caustic filter is enabled
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Thank you for your reply :) Really nice render !!

You're welcome :)

Gorgeous renders and design. Good job! :)
Jan Trubac - 3D Modeler | CG Artist

Thank you  :)

This is just amazing man, and to think you drew it by hand. Great work!
Jason Adicendana Tjahyadi - 3D Artist | Student

Thank you!
Yeah, lots and lots of paint layers stacked together to draw/clean/refine/add new details etc :)

Thanks a lot, and good luck everyone! There's some fantastic stuff posted here!

Really really nice render :o