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Great contest - good luck to all! I'm not sure I'll finish in the time but I'll have a good go during my lunch breaks - first thing is to block out all of the peripheral details before I get stuck into the bodywork - then I might revisit the wheels and tie them into the design (whatever that will be!). I've tried to just use Substance Source materials so far, and the tyres are especially  cool.   

Just throwing some ideas around for now.   :) 

Another lunch break design.  Just using patterns and materials in Painter 8)

Starting to work on the final one now - just testing out some relief patterns, inspired by old armour patterns, but bringing it up to date with more modern materials.  It'll need some tidying up, but I like the hand-drawn look.  The Substance S in the carbon weave on the back works nicely, I might use more carbon effects with this one as I move over the car. 

And it'll have a big Red S on it to read from distance or sure, actually complements the design of the car too 8)


Good stuff. I like or idea of the armor-smith engraving.  I think it would look nice to continue it through the red S.  So, the grey would extend from the rear of the car, too include the red S, and black (or what ever color you choose) from the front. 

Thanks Phillip, good food for thought!  I'll see what works, I like the red S as it is readable from distance so I don't want to lose it - it may not stay the same material, but it needs to be high contrasting to break up the high fidelity designs.  It's going to be a two in one design as close up it'll look totally different from far out.  More of a livery design from far out and an art car close up.

I'm using Painter to block out the designs as painting in 3d offers a much better understanding of the shape of the car than painting over UVs or projecting pre-created designs.  So once I've done this I'll go into Photoshop and vector the designs, and re-import as a mask.  I've got my work cut out!  :-\ 

Another update - added some warp filter effects to the logos to give them a more stylistic look, trying out some paint splatter, keyed in the wheels and sorted the lights.  Tried out a design on the bonnet, but we'll see if that remains.  Got to add all the relief/armour designs to it still - that'll take a while!  :P

More lunch time doodling.  Thought I'd go white today..

The black and red one is my fave so far, looking good :>

Really nice work, my brain must have been going down the same path as your black and red. Looks great :)

Yeah I love black and red, cars just look good in that colour way - however I'm going LOUD with my next one and moving away from black and red.  Just rendering a preview now, I fancied something totally different  8)

Still some details to sort out but it's making me smile so it's looking like it's going to be my final (final) design  ;D

Starting to nail down the details now - even got some neon under-lights!  The base pattern is originally from a patterned fabric material, the detail in the black is snake skin, all with normal and height info removed.  Some layering up of car paint effects (orange peel etc).  I'll finish it over the weekend and get rendering it out full size - damn I love this project 8)

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Like the car, may be because of the colour of the light...well done!