Author Topic: Substance Painter - Crashing intermittently  (Read 659 times)

I'm supporting a number of users that use Substance on a day to day basis for game development. One user has been having this issue (apparently on and off for a few months). Certain Substance Painter files will cause her entire computer to black screen and crash- with no significant ID's in the Event Viewer afterwards. Just generic Kernel Power errors and some DCOM errors (which don't seem to be related). The particular file that seems to be causing this problem now is not even 250MB, so I don't think size is the problem.

In addition, we've tried a couple fixes...
1. Updating Windows/GPU (Nvidia GTX 1080)
2. TDR registry edit

That was really all I could find online about this particular issue. The problem seems to be leaning towards a hardware problem, but I'm unsure why sometimes it takes 3 hours for the crash to happen, and other times it takes 2 minutes.

I have an exported log file I can post if anyone is interested. But if someone could shine some light on this for me I'd be very appreciative.

A hard crash of the computer rather than a crash of Painter only seems to indicate a hardware issue, but indeed a log file would help figuring out what is going on.