Author Topic: Substance Painter to Redshift workflow  (Read 1031 times)

What is the correct workflow to bring textures to Redshift. I donwloaded Redshift presets, exporting textures, load them to Redshift as metalness and roughness node and it looks absolutely crazy different then in Substance painter. Even in C4d viewport they seem to look correct. There is so much features in Sub Painter etc so why there is no proper pipeline tools for smooth and quick conversion?

Post screenshots please of your model in Painter and rendered in Redshift, 'crazy different' is not something we can work on.

Where did you plug in the metalness map? There is no such thing as 'metalness' in redshift shaders iirc.

I'm new to C4D and Redshift and am wondering if there's a fix / solution for this.  I have over 800 Source material assets and would really like a way to batch convert / prep them for Redshift.  Any possible solutions out there?  If not this would be a feature request of mine for Source assets.  Allow users to batch export / download Redshift ready material presets.