Author Topic: X-TAON: marcorndr - Imperial Chariot  (Read 449 times)

This is my submission for the challenge.

I tried to recreate from Chinese paintings the general design of the dragon and I added a porcelain effect to recreate an oriental feeling.

I started from the front of the car with a sketch of hand and head of the dragon. For the back I tried to recreate an effect of clouds to have a general idea of the tail coming through from the sky. On a sideway I painted the classical oriental clouds to stay with the feeling of a Chinese painting.
To recreate the body, the flames and the eyebrows, I used a more abstract approach to exploit substance options. For the front lights I wanted to have continuation with the moustache and the color of the body.

Unfortunately for the renders my notebook couldn't go up to 4k without crashing so only the 1080p option is available.

It was a funny challenge and I hope you appreciate my submission.

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