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This is my first post on the forum. I discovered Substance a while ago, and I was thinking of finally giving it a shot. As I would only use it for personal and formative projects, never meant to serve a commercial purpose, I thought I could use the Educational Licenses. But now that I've tried to download them, I see I can't if a do not study in an "official" institution (actually, the register requires you to enter a university name specifically).

As 3D is not my "official" education (yet), do I have any other option to use Substance? Is there any specific license to self-taught students? I think it would be weird if not, given that the community is predominantly self-taught these days.

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The Student licenses are for people studying in an official institution, but this doesn't need to be about 3d.
If however you are not officially a student, then the Student license is not for you, and you should go with the Indie license at $19.9 per month.

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Thanks for the info :).