Author Topic: How to change resolution of render in 3D view  (Read 7443 times)

Is there a way to increase the resolution of a render in 3D View?

I tried changing the resolution of the camera (Camera > Edit Selected) but it has no effect on the render resolution.

hey, you have to check windows resolution to false.

Where is that setting?

Nevermind, found it in the Camera settings.


Do we really need to change the resolution every time we open Substance Player?

Is there any way to store a default resolution the is high enough to check the material properly if our default window resolution is not that high due to our monitor size.

I would also love to change default to higher resolution, cause the default one gives me kinda blurry results in 3d view and i have to change it each time i open saved project. If it could at least be saved along with the project that would be nice.