Author Topic: Showcasing Substance Share Substances in promotional video.  (Read 4708 times)


We are selling a level geometry asset pack on unity's asset store that use substances that we've created.
I want to create a video showcasing how our asset can be expanded upon using other substances, and as such I want to know if it is ok to showcase setting up an account on substance share and using these substance with our asset pack?

I assume it is ok since one can create a free account, and download  and use the substance on the site freely. But I want to make sure before I do all the work.


It doesn't look like this would pose any problem on our side, as long as it is not implied that we have been involved in the creation of anything in the asset pack you will be selling, and that you give appropriate credit to the creators of the assets from Substance Share!

Do not hesitate if you have any more questions
PO @ Allegorithmic