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Hello guys,

I am experiencing performance issues with SP while painting on an empty layer.

Program Version: 2.3.1
My System:
Intel 2600k @3.4 Ghz
GTX 770 with 2GB VRam
16 GB Ram
Soundblaster Z
Samsung SSD 512 GB

For example opening this project from substance share:

Whenever I create a new layer and want to paint on it the brush computation stops me from painting. I get this red progress bar for every stroke.

Is the VRam too low for painting in 4k Resolution in this particular project? I checked with GPU-Z while using the software and the VRam was used 100% already at startup. And the GPU computation jumped to about 80% when doing a paint stroke.
It shouldn't be this laggy right? :-[ Maybe someone can check and see if he has the same issues.

P.S.: It should be noted that in every project at 4k resolution I get this long loading times with red progress bars. So it is impossible to paint in 4k even when I use really low poly meshes.

Thanks a lot.

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Yeah, 2GB of Vram is too low for 4K.
(Please also note our System Requirements : )
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

 Thank you for the quick answer Froyok. I am thinking of buying a 1080 GTX. So I hope that resolves this issue. Otherwise I will come back to this thread.

Hello again,

I read in this thread

that the slow brushstrokes might also have to do with the brush collision. So is it really necessary to get a new GPU or is it the CPU maybe? Because even with an empty layerstack and low poly model at 4k I get this lag.

at 4 k it's the GPU.

a workaround while you you upgrade your GPU, would be to paint at a lower resolution and export at 4k: Substance Painter is non destructive, so you won't lose any details. It will just regenerate all your work at 4k resolution with all the necessary details.

Thanks Vincent for the quick reply. This is what I am already doing. But it would be nicer to see the details directly. So my new GPU is arriving soon :)

So here is an Update
I own a GTX 1080 now. I tried one of my own files and painted on it in 4k. Worked a lot better, but still not perfect. When I make long and broad brushstrokes the cursor is dragging behind.

This is what I also tested with
And here it is still hard to paint without lag. It doesn't compute all the time but the cursor still is laggy and drags behind.
I also created the layer I painted on on top in the layer stack.

Can anyone test this file with a similar card?

I'm having same issue with paint brush.

 and my video card is:

Nvideo Geforce GTX TITAN X  12GB Memory

did you guys try with the latest update 2018.3?