Author Topic: Cancelling annual subscription vs. licence end date?  (Read 1306 times)


My annual subscription is about to get renewed tomorrow which I don't really want to happen at the moment as I am not using Substance too much at home since we have Substance at work. Unfortunately I am very confused about which option to pick when cancelling - simply cancel or buying a perpetual licence. Because the popup says buying a perpetual licence means no more updates but the licence page says that the licences have an end date of 08/12/2018. Does this mean that if I cancel without buying a perpetual licence, I will get updates until 08/12/2018? If I don't buy a perpetual licence at the time of cancelling, do I get to buy the perpetual licence later?

Please see attachments for what I mean

Ok so I cancelled the subscription but I did not click purchase perpetual licence. Now it seems this option is gone completely. The lack of information about the licensing is really frustrating. Did I just throw 12 months of payments out the window? What is going to happen now?

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Thanks Jeremie, I have, and the issue is now sorted  :)