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Long time Substance user here, and have run into a confusing issue, here goes:

- just purchased the Black Friday deal for a year subscription of Substance software for $159 (on
- expected to get access to latest versions of Designer and Painter (that's what I understood I was buying); only got access to older versions of Designer/Painter
- I don't have access to the latest Substance software on my account ( I believe I should, but don't
- I (like to) use Substance through Steam, just makes things easier when I move between computers/laptops
- I don't have access to the latest Substance software on my Steam account- I'd like to continue using the new versions on Steam... I hit the Sync Licenses button in my allegorithmic account, but nothing updated on Steam...

Has anyone else been confused by the Black Friday subscription deal? Is it meant to only give you access to older versions of Substance, is this a bug, or did I purchase something I didn't understand?

Just went back to investigate on the website, and this is the actual product description for what I purchased:

"Substance - Indie license - Annual Plan
Always use the latest versions of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Substance B2M and access to Substance Source.
$239 / year per user."

When I look in my account, I can't get the latest versions of any software, for example Substance Painter only goes up to version 2018.3; but the latest is 2019
Starting to think this is a bug in Allegorithmic's account system
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2018.3 is the latest version of Substance Painter, it was released 3 days ago, and 2018.2 the latest for Substance Designer.
The "2019" is just a name for Steam, to indicate they would get updates through the whole 2019 year.

You cannot access the Steam versions as you purchased on our website. If you want the Steam versions you would need to purchase on Steam.

So everything is fine with your account :)

Head of Product Management

So if I were to buy the steam version, is that a perpetual license with one year of updates included.
(will those show up under my allegorithmic account as downloads too)

If you buy the annual indie subscription, can you buy a perpetual license for 49 before the end of the year?

The Steam version is perpetual with one year of updates yes, and you can either use the Steam build or download standalone builds after syncing your account.

If you go with the subscription, you can convert it to a perpetual license for $49 after/at the end of 12 months.