Author Topic: Steam licenses numbers confusion?  (Read 1101 times)

 Last year I switched from Substance designer 6 to 2018 and haven't found any slightest .difference at all?   
Had been left totally confused.  Run them both alternatively through the year, also haven't seen much of a difference.
 Currently  I use Painter 2. I guess it's outdated, right?  I saw zero indication in Steam it is. Not a slightest hint. I would probably continue to use it years and years ahead if haven't suddenly noticed 2019 one exists.   

Through all that constant advertisement flow and information noise  spamming all my emails I still don't understand the pattern of Steam releases. 

I do want to buy updates , just don't want to buy same thing twice. Could somebody explain please how it works?


Substance Designer 6 and Substance Designer 2018 share many updates in common: Substance Designer 6 got all the updates up to June 2018, while Substance Designer 2018 got updates for the whole 2018 year. That being said, we released for the moment only update after June 2018, so you should see a difference only on the latest version.

Substance Painter 2 got updates up to September 2017, and we then released Substance Painter 2018. They thus don't have any updates in common.

Substance Painter/Designer 2019 gets all the updates from today up to the end of 2019.

I hope it makes things more clear :)
Head of Product Management

Thanks for making it clear