Author Topic: Designer 2019 steam version, performance problem on library and node search  (Read 288 times)

before i get designer 2019, about months ago i bought the 2018 indie pack its all fine and working perfectly, then when i see designer 2019 release on steam i bought immidietaly it today.

so when i work on the 2019 i noticed the node search is having lag and freezes, after some time trying to figure out what was hapenning i also notice the library and most of the node on the search is missing and they were loaded very slowly.

i did uninstalling and deleting the allegorithmic registry file but with no luck

given up to repair SD 2019 i went back to my SD 2018 and the problem also occurs on it, the same problem with the new 2019 happened on my perfectly working SD 2018.

at this point i dont know what to do, i hope i can fix the problem before monday

alright this is an update on me trying to fix the problem, so apparently nvidia driver 411.63 fix the problem for me, was using 416.94 before

but i am not 100% sure if 416.94 is really the culprit because when i downgrade the driver i also turning on the superfecth, but then again if superfecth is an issue, i wouldnt be able to work on SD 2018 because i was working with 2018 with superfecth turned off.

i managed to try that version (411.63) because i was following this thread by Froyok, credit to him, thank you.,22711.0.html