Author Topic: Substance Automation toolkit Installation and license setup  (Read 1649 times)

Hi all.

First sorry if this a stupid question, I'm a Linux sysadmin, so, no idea how the software works. My questions:

1) The automation toolkit has not an interface, right? it needs to be loaded from substance designer as a module/plugin.
2) The license ?? I really have no idea where I should store the license file and how to link the file to the software, with substance-designer I use ENV variables with the path to our key files, but for automation, I can't found any information.


The SAT runs independently of Substance Designer. The installation process is outlined here:

On linux it means:
Unpack/placing the binaries/assets in the place you want it
Use pip to install the python API in your python environment
Potentially set PATH and various Environment variables for the users in order to make the command line tools available and help the SAT to find the resources.

Let me know if you run into anything specific you need help with