Author Topic: New Subscription V.S. Direct Upgrade: Cost  (Read 1163 times)

Hi, I currently own perpetual licenses for SD and SP with expirered maintenance and am thinking about upgrading my licenses. I just got a few questions about the total cost:

If I were to buy license upgrades directly I would get 1 year maintenance for just
     50$ (SP)
  + 50$ (SD)

and after the new maintenance expires in 1 year, my perpetual licenses would remain on the latest version of that date and NOT revert back to the version that was up-to-date when I initially extended the maintenance, correct?

If I were to use the Subscrition method and turn it into perpetual licenses after the 1 year, that would cost me

     159$ (1 year updates + 360 Source DLs)
     75$ (SD perpetual)    <--Could the upgrade cost in 1 year be 50$ again AND be used on a live Sub that was bought
    +75$ (SP perpetual)         with this years discount?
     309$ or 259$

Does turning the subscription into perpetual licenses after 1 year include another year of maintenance, making it equivalent to buying 4 maintenance extensions + Source DLs which would otherwise cost

       50$ (SP)
       50$ (SP year 2)      <-- again, can the discount be used 2 years in a row?
       50$ (SD)
    + 50$ (SD year 2)
      200$ or 250$ (without 2. discount)

In short, please answer these questions:

1. Do perpetual licenses with extended maintenance retain the latest maintenance covered version after the extension expires or do they revert to pre-maintenance versions?

2. Does turning subscription licenses to perpetual licenses after 1 year include another year of maintenance or is it just the addition of the Substance Source Downloads that increases the price by 209$?

3. Are the calculations above correct or am I overlooking some additional cost?/Can the discount for upgrading licenses be used 2 years in a row?


At the end of your maintenance you keep the version you have.
If you purchase the annual license, you will need to pay $49 at the end to keep the licenses, without maintenance. So it's $159 + $49 (fee to keep the licenses), and then $75 for each software if you want 1 year of maintenance.

Considering you already have the software, if you just need them and don't need Source, the maintenance is the cheapest way.

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