Author Topic: 3D Blur Filter (non UV based)  (Read 449 times)


I often use the blur filter in Painter but I find very limiting the fact that the blurring is uv based, this means that in areas of the model where seams are present the effect breaks quite noticeably.

I think an option to ignore UV seams or some other type of blurring methods would be really appreciated. Also setting the max value to 16 seems kinda arbitrary (is this due to some performance issue?). I often need to chain several blur effect to get the effect that I want. If possible let us crank the blur to bigger values

I agree, we need a usable blur filter. I came here to request the same thing. It is pretty much unusable for me, unless I space my UV islands miles apart.

The primarily reason this is happening is because islands are currently bleeding into each other when they are anywhere near each other. This should be a really easy thing to fix. Just limit the blur filter's operating pixels to local UV islands and a specific pixel proximity around them. So all source pixels for each blurred pixel result must be within the same island or the space around them, and not from other islands. Or literally just avoid changing any pixels that are too far from any UV border. I think that alone would help tremendously.
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