Author Topic: how to adjust the uv - tiling in ue4  (Read 15592 times)


i try to use substances in ue4 and i got a question:

when i drop my substance on an static mesh, i want to change the uv - tiling of the substance in ue4 (like i can do it with ue-materials).

and here is my question:
where can i change this uv - tiling with the substance in ue4
(i looked around in the "substance graph instance" and in the "material"/... but i cant find such an "Material Expression Texture Coordinate"/uv-tiling - option) ?

thanks a lot for an answer
and an nice weekend for everyone!

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Use TexCoord node and set or pass in parameters to it that define the u,v coordinate scale. 

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hi markv,

thanks a lot!


Otherwise you can simply expose the parameters of a "transformation 2D" node in your substance. this way you can change the tilling of the texture itself. Tilling the texture in the shader might be better depending of your use case (for example same texture source but multiple shaders adapted to your meshes.)
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