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Both the Roof Square/Slate Rounded Tiles that I tested and downloaded a month ago isn't working as tested on the Substance Source site.  I just checked the site again and the download in 3D viewer is different than what is actually downloaded.  Once downloaded, there is a Slate Color Picker (which would be awesome if it worked).  However, when you pick a color, nothing happens.  If you adjust the Hue/Sat, you can get the color to change but there is no way to dial it in to an RGB value.  The Rusty Slate Tile variant color picker works but the height value isn't deforming the geometry in any of the slate materials - They all look planar.  Please update this substance.
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Sls Plastic Fins Pattern, Shutter Plastic White, Stone with Sidewalk, Iceland Snow Melt, Iceland Snow Windswept, Golf Bunker Sand, Iceland Black Sand Beach, Pebbly Ground (I am assuming every material I downloaded a few days ago are the same at this point) all show geometry deformation in the 3D viewer but when the slider is used, once downloaded, no deformation occurs - they are still planar even with max setting.
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Both the Square Slate Tiles and the Rounded Slate Tiles have been modified, you should now be able to download a fixed version on the website where you will be able to imput any color you like. Please let me know if you run into any more problems!

Regarding the heignt/deformation, by default the scale of the height is on 0 in the Substance Player, while it is different on the 3D testing environment on the Substance Source website.
To change this in the Substance Player, on top of the 3D view go to Materials > Default > Edit.
There you can change the scale of the height.
After you set it to a higher number, you'll see that the "Height Range" slider works.
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PO @ Allegorithmic

I did exactly that and when viewed on a plane in Player, there is still no deformation of the surface even with a material height scale setting of 60 units.  I tested that on the Iceland black sand beach with no visible change.  In fact, what I do notice is that when the surface is tilted, you can see "further into the distance" while looking straight down, the image looks different.  It's like "height" is stretching the image horizontally instead of giving vertical deformation.
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To get a proper result you also have the possibility to use the "tesselation" shader (please see the attached image to see how to activate it).
It will subdivide your model in order to get a proper result. You should now see the difference when moving the "Height" slider

PO @ Allegorithmic